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June 23, 2020

Add Gist Contact Profile URLs to your CRM Easily

If you use Gist alongside a CRM or an internal system and have wanted a way to easily add a link to your Gist contact profiles, this update makes it super easy to do so.

In the past, your contact profile URLs look something like this:


and that "CONTACT_ID" part is a Gist generated unique identifier for each contact. And that made it nearly impossible to link to your contact profiles and instead you had to search for the contact from the contacts list every time.

Going forward, you can access the contact's profile using the contact's email address like this:


You can use this in notification emails sent via workflows, for instance.

This code below will create a direct link to the Contact profile (for users that are currently logged into your workspace)

Profile: <a href="https://app.getgist.com/projects/_/contacts/{{ subscriber.email }}">https://app.getgist.com/projects/_/contacts/{{ subscriber.email }}</a></p>

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