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May 28, 2020

Introducing Conversations API + Massive Performance Updates πŸ› 

Gist Messenger is used by thousands of businesses to connect with their website visitors, leads, and customers every day to build long-lasting customer relationships.

Today, we are excited to announce the Conversations API that gives you the ability to use the power of Gist Messenger for a huge range of needs beyond the scope of what we could ever build.

You can now automatically send messages from your team, leave notes on conversations in Inbox, and snooze conversations – all in code.

  • Automatically send messages – automate messages from your team to your visitors and customers.
  • Improve your workflows – automatically leave notes and snooze conversations.
  • Strengthen security and compliance – export and store customer communications at scale.

This means your team can automate more workflows and efficiently handle sales and support conversations at scale.

We’re really excited to get more of the Gist platform in your hands to build on top of, and we welcome any feedback and requests around additional functionality.

Head over to our new and improved Developer Docs to learn more.

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