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October 28, 2020

Announce new features to drive adoption

Last month, we launched a completely revamped Messages product, to help you encourage your users to take action while they’re using your product. Unlike email, these messages deliver in the right context. For example, you can send users a chat message about how to invite a teammate, right after they create their first project.

Today, we are excited to announce "Post" messages, a "larger" format that takes over your customer's screen entirely and immediately. It also gives you more room to play with, when compared to chat messages, so it's useful for telling a longer story.

Maybe you want to walk your users through a guide, announce a new price plan or promote an important new feature, for example. They’re also great for product updates that require longer text, or large images and video.

Head over to Messages > Posts now to create your first Post message. Learn more about how to use setup your Post messages here.

And, if you have questions or feedback about Posts, do let us know :)

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