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May 12, 2020

Announcing JavaScript API 2.0: added 10+ new methods and events

We’re thrilled to announce the release of version 2 of our JavaScript API client. It’s faster, smaller, more flexible - with a focus on design and code quality, security, documentation and usability.

Below is a list of notable changes in version 2:

  • You can track pageviews in single page apps
  • You can customize the width, height and position of the Messenger widget
  • You can hide or show the Messenger widget
  • You can open or close the Messenger widget
  • You can hide or show the Messenger launcher bubble
  • You can switch the Messenger to the new Sidebar layout
  • You can clear session cookies for logged-out users
  • You can listen to unread messages count changes and run custom JavaScript
  • You can programmatically navigate to specific screens within the Messenger
  • You can launch the Gist Messenger without the Gist launcher

We have pushed a lot of other features as well that aren't covered below and all features previously available in the first version are still available. To see the complete list of available methods, visit the latest Javascript API documentation.

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