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May 01, 2020

You Now Get Unlimited Seats With Gist

Gist now includes unlimited seats. We want you to focus on having great conversations and growing your business, not worrying about your bill each month and doing crazy things to try and remove part time or full time support staff like you have to do with Intercom. Intercom’s pricing is set up to penalize you for growing: the more teammates you add, the more you pay them. Yikes.

Our pricing is dead simple: you’ll know exactly what your bill will be every month and we won’t penalize you for actually doing your job as a business.

You can manage unlimited conversations with as many people as you can muster. Plus, you get custom bots, live view, routing rules, knowledge base, unlimited reports and unbranded Messenger.

You get it all for $99 a month, and there is no contract or commitment on your part. For a company with many employees, this can mean substantial cost savings.

We’ve got your back with unlimited seats. Now you go out there and bring your entire team on Gist already 😜

Learn more here.

This plan is completely opt-in and if you are happy with your current plan, this doesn't affect you in any way.

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